Help! Page
This page was created to help answer your most pressing questions regarding the site. If you have any questions, concerns or problems - please send them to the Webmaster at

Sending pictures for the Picture Page...
This section is currently under construction. See Webmaster Musings for more info.

I can't view a page...
Send the Webmaster an email detailing the name of the page to the Webmaster at

Can I search the site for something I can't seem to find?
Sure! Click on the Search link on the left side of the page (under Classifieds) or click on the word Search at the bottom of the page. You are sure to find something.

When hovering over a page link, the link doesn't work...
We've implemented a common look and feel for our pages that includes not underlining links unless your mouse arrow is directly over the link. If you are using Internet Explorer 6, this function does not work and links will appear to be broken. Please email the Webmaster about this issue. There is a workaround that can be implemented, however the current Webmaster believes that most folks are using modern web browsers (read: post IE6) and this is a non issue. We want to hear from you if it is!

How come the links are different colors? Why aren't the links underlined?
We have implemented a modern methodology for describing and showing links on our pages. Here is how we show links on this website;
Links you have not clicked on will appear BLUE in color. Like this.
Links you have clicked on (or pages you have visited) will appear PURPLE. Like this.
When your cursor is directly over any link, the link will turn RED and be UNDERLINED. Like this.

How do I navigate the photo's posted on the Picture page?
We're using a photo album creation application that creates these pages on the fly. The nice thing about it is each photo album using it looks and operates exactly the same way - learn one, you know how to navigate them all.

Here is a short rundown of the navigation buttons:

index  This is the button to press to get back to the page of ALL photos in this album.
first  This button will take you to the first image in the photo album.
last  This button will take you to the last image in the photo album.
next  This button will take you to the next image in the photo album.
previous This button will take you to the previous image in the photo album.
startstop This button will start or stop the auto rotation of images in the photo album.

Who created this awesome website?
Good question. A lot of folks have worked on this site since it's inception, but here's a quick rundown of the folks who have had a hand in what you see today:
John Kelly started the website quite a few years back - awesome job!
Lisa Bogdon took over and created the majority of the look and feel you see today, including the wonderful Home Page - nice work!
Rick Sattler took over for a couple of years - created the classified ad submission form and supporting code.
Ray and Ann Clack took over for a year or so.
Rick Sattler is your current webmaster (since 2009).
If I have left anyone out, please let me know!