Website News 8/2/2014
Posted by RickS

A few minor updates to the Home page

Today I fixed some minor abnormalities that were bugging me on the home page. Perhaps you will notice them, if you don't, that is awesome! I was trying to make them unnoticable. The biggest change is in the way the borders line up with the heading at the top of the page - they weren't correctly aligned after my previous attempt to overhaul the website. While I made great strides in making the page easier to read and much easier to maintain (including the website as a whole), aligning things on the home page was a bit troublesome.

Since it is the first thing anyone who visits us sees, I really didn't want to mess it up - it contains some complex coding from previous use of a page formatter. I have slowly been removing that code and replacing it with more modern references while attempting to maintain the unique asthetics you have all come to enjoy. Some day down the road I will attempt to get rid of all of the old code.

Monthly Meeting Minutes are now posted to the website!

In an attempt to save money and be more timely, we are now posting the Monthly Meeting Minutes to the website in a secure location on the website. Paid members will get an email notifying them when the minutes are posted and how to access them. If you are a paid member and you are not receiving the emails from me, please send me an email. You can click here to start the process.
Please make sure you add my email address to your Approved Email list so my correspondence doesn't end up in your SPAM folder.


Website News 8/7/2013
Posted by RickS

More Photo's online!

I finally got around to adding all them photos I promised way back... They are all up now. The first four links on the Pictures page are the last of them, you can find more by searching down the list - altho they probably are not obvious (All Ford Show 2007, for instance). Some were already up and I had forgotten to mention them, others were copies of photos I already had posted so the 500 or so photos mentioned are actually complete now. Sorry about the delay! Thanks to the Newsletter Editor (Lynette Spohn) for giving them to me.

Keep sending photos to me of all the wonderful things you are doing this summer!

Working on putting up the Monthly Meeting Minutes

I have completed all the work necessary to put the minutes from our monthly club meetings online for club members to read. They will be placed in a secure area of the website only accessable with a login and password.

The info required to access them will be made available in the near future.


Website News 10/31/2012
Posted by RickS at 10/31/2012 4:51 PM PST

All Newsletters Online!

Thanks to the Newsletter Editor (Lynette Spohn) and Brent SooHoo, we now have downloadable copies of every newsletter goin' back to 2000. Right here, online! Hopefully we'll soon have the November newsletter online and a more timely posting of them going forward.

I've finished working on changing the format of the page so that all of them are available on one page (going back to 2004), rather than multiple pages. Basically, no more picture of the first page, just a clickable link. I'm redoing the 2000-2003 pages to get those all onto one page, preserving the format we had then.

The new format will allow me to keep the page up-to-date easier and the page will load much faster than before. And you won't have to click on multiple links to get to each year's newsletters. I think this will owrk out better in the long run.

Send me a message if you have any thoughts.

Guest Book Closed as of April 2012...

The folks that hosted our club's guestbook decided to shut down service as of April of 2012. Wish I would have known so I could have saved all the data... I'll look into alternatives including hosting our own here on Yahoo, but don't hold your breath. If you feel the need for a Guest Book, shoot me an email or start a Guest Book Campaign!

New Forum page is online!

We now have a place to discuss/brag or otherwise chat about our cars in an official forum setting, as we are now part of the Official SAAC Forums! There is only our club announcement at the moment but hopefully soon, we’ll get some activity there.

Check us out at Scroll down to the SAAC Northwest Region forum to post messages and pics of and about anything related to our club events or cars. Here is a direct link to our particular forum
Have Fun!


Website News 11/1/2010
Posted by RickS at 11/1/2010 2:33 PM PST
New Page!

Hello from your webmaster!
I started this page to keep you informed of goings on around the website and such. No political discourse. Hopefully no random rambling on... That said - let's get to it!

Website Updates.

I've recently gone through the majority of the website and completely updated it. I am attempting to give the entire site a common look and feel using updated code available since the website was created. Other than a few tweaks, you may not notice much of a difference. That's good. Just know that "under the hood", there is a ton of updates made to make the site easier to read, faster to load and more compatible with most major browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Chrome, Firefox, Opera).

Of course, some of these changes might not work in older browsers - I am working to mitigate that. So, if you notice a page that doesn't look right to you - let me know please.

As always, if you have a question or a problem viewing any pages on the website, please shoot me an email at

Classified Ad form is working... again...

While I was updating the site, I found out that sometime recently, the Classified Ad form stopped working. There are a number of technical reasons for this but the gist of it was to protect Yahoo! from malicious hackers. So I fixed it and the Classified Ad form is working again. I don't expect any futher issues with it as I've completely rewritten the code that reads the data you input to prevent any problems Yahoo! might have. So, get to submitting those things you need to sell!


I am working on a way to easily send me photos you've taken, both for the Picture page and for Classified Ads. Our website provider doesn't make this an easy task, but I have some code I am working on to make this feature available.

For the time being, the only way to submit photos is to send them in an email or bring them on a flash drive/CD/computer to a monthly club meeting. I'm bringing my computer to the meetings and can save them to my hard drive.

Search added.

Recently added the ability to search the site. Check out the links to the Search Page in the navigation menu to the left, and in the mini-menu at the bottom of the page. Check it out!


Any questions, concerns or problems, send 'em to!