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Brian Bogden talked at the last monthly meeting that he hoped to set up an event at The Ridge on one of the open track days.
We knew it would be short notice.
He called on Wednesday.
We e-mailed all but only two could go.
Sat, Feb 9th, Doug Buchner and Ray Clack (along with Ray's Son, Jim, and grandson, Jimmy) met at the rendezvous point to find an additional traveler ready to go with happened to be the man Clacks purchased their Shelby from.

 The drive up had great weather. It took about two hours to get easy drive. When you first drive into the facility you are greeted with the view of The Ridge's version of the corkscrew in Monterey. But, where oh where was Brian? We met one of the owners of the track. He told us that he would lead us on about 6 laps around the track. After three laps we popped in to switch drivers and off for the second three. The first lap was somewhat slow with each lap getting faster. Nothing like real hot laps we would experience later riding with Brian (once he arrived) and Mr. Pritchert in their Mustang FR500s! THAT was a real hoot. It was fun riding with Brian, never feared once for my life. Let me tell you that FR500 sticks to the track well.....a fun ride. You can ask Brian what delayed his arrival! Would we want to go back? ABSOLUTELY!

#328 Doug Buckner (focus) and a friend in the Shelby traveling to The Ridge
#339 Doug Buckner
#347 is the first view of the track when you enter
#356 & #362 is a pic of three Shelbys that were at The Ridge - Dark Blue one is Clacks.