Brian Nakata's Ride at Landmark Ford

Bill Meloy's Ride

Douglas Buchner's Ride

Frank McKinnon Mustang Club Award 2016

Mustang 50th World Record Attempt (April 12, 2014)

Bogdon's Rides - new photos of FR500

No. 99 Photos...

Lynette Spohn Photos...

Larry Cockerham Photos...

More Car Show Photos...

2013 Shelby Bash - April

2013 Schreiner's Iris Garden Club Cruise - May

2013 Trackday at The Ridge - February

2012 Summer Photos of the Bogdon's

2012 Covered Bridge Tour Photos - Another Great Day for a cruise!

2012 Blossom Tour Photos - a Great Day for a cruise!

SAACNW meets WA SAAC at Mt. St. Helens for a cruise

Brent Soo Hoo's 1984 Capri RS5.0

Open Track Day - Sept 24, 2011 photo's by Charles White Photography

Pits of the Round Up 2011, Ride N Drive at Pacific Raceways

2010 Kirkland Concours photos by The Gehring's

The Boss returns! The 2012 Boss 302 video - by Ford

Open Track Day - August 14, 2010 photo's by Charles White Photography

Dufur to ORP tour pics by The Bogdon's - July 2010

2009 Portland Historics Saturday Big Bore Production Race from #5S153 Shelby GT350

John Clarenbach's photos of his rides

Reunion Photos by John Zeggert - Watkins Glen Sept. 2009

Open Track Day - Sept 8, 2009 photo's by Charles White Photography

End of the Year Rod Run Photos

Scott & Laura's Cobra Cruisin - 2009

Beach Run 2009 organized by Doug Buchner

Some Crusin' photos by Dick Classen - some Maupin photos here!

July 2009 Track Day

Portland Historic Races 2009 - Calling all Member pics please!!

Portland Historic Races 2008 - Our 30th Anniversary!

BOSS 302 Reunion 2007

All Ford Show - Hillsboro 2007


SAACNW Cruise '08

2009 Portland Roadster Show

Mark Pendergrass' '67 GT 350

Brian and Lisa Bogdon's MustangsAndTigers YouTube site - Check it out!

Dr. Mark's '65 GT 350 - from the Eric English collection

Larry Cockerham's Race Car in Mitchell OR

Bogdon's and Gary Kelley Roadtrip 2008

Russ' '67 and Brian's '65 - Illwaco, WA

Allen Grant's Open House 2008

2008 Portland Roadster Show

SAAC 32 - National Convention 2007    Page 2

Gary Kelley's 2007 GT500 at Landmark Ford Rally

Bogdon's First Trip to the Salt Flats - 2003


Dave Milligan Poker Rally 2007

SAACNW Members showing at Vic's Automotive July 2006

Suburban Spring Cruise-In May 2006

fun  Les Schwab show, Lake Grove pics

fun  Mary Hill Museum Hillclimb 2005

9-14-05 Track Day, Photos by Tim Grubb

Suburban Ford Show - August 6, 2005

Mustang Round Up, Bellevue Sunday Show - July 17, 2005

Les Schwab - June 12, 2005

Portland Historics 2005

Track Day pictures for July 11th by Chris Klein are available, take a look they are great!


SAAC 27 Pictures...

Thanks to Brent Soo Hoo, Dan Patching, Dave Lennartz, The Gehring's, and Rick Young for taking the pictures.

There were some minor problems along the way, but nothing we couldn't fix or get through.
All in all, it was a very fun and exciting trip.

Some pictures from Shelby's facility
Nice De Tomoso Pantera
A beautiful 427 Cobra
A brand new Series 4000 Cobra
Some raw castings of new 427 Blocks
One of the 1984 remakes of a 1966 Shelby GT350 Convertible
The Man Himself, Carroll Shelby
A picture of me talking to Carroll Shelby
The inside of the Dyno Room
Another shot of the Dyno Room
A picture of a Series 1 and a couple of Cobras

The SAAC NW Reps in front of the Moon Eyes Sign

At the California Speedway
Dan Patching with ex-Race Car Driver Hank Williams
Jodi Patching next to a Stainless Steel bodied Cobra
Gary Kelley talking to Bob Bondurant
All of us in front of our garage space
A new Saleen S7

Just a few miles down the road outside of Bakersfield, CA
... while Dave relaxes in the shade

All of us invading a local burger joint in Redding. There were about 4 seats left open.


 The fact that everybody looks at you...
1967 Shelby Ad

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Carroll Shelby Presents...
1967 Shelby Ad

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Larry C's Boss 302's
PIR 2001

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Daytona Coupes
Sears Point Raceway

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Open House at Aldridge Motorsports
April 21, 2001

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Portland Roadster Show
March 1-4, 2001

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1998 Track Day Pictures
(after view picture, push the back button)

Fred Gehring's Mustang
Group 5 entering turn 1
The Kelley's Shelby and Bob Parker's Cobra
Gary Martin's Shelby and Ol' Yeller with Jeff Riggs driving
The Kelley's Shelby, Bob Parker's Cobra, and Bob Hooper's Vintage racer


Misc. Pictures
The Mills in front of their Cobra

1998 Vintage Races
Cars going through the Festival Curves
Saac club cars at Vintage Races