Our 2012 Track Day events are complete.
Thanks to everyone who assisted and participated in our events!


Good Reading from NorCal SAAC, by Scott Griffith –  Driver’s Primer (6.5MB)
SAAC NW wants to thank Scott Griffith and NorCal SAAC for sharing this great information with our club. Please take the time and read this and also check out their website with more track day information. They also have specific instructions on driving many of the great California race tracks.


Clubs that reciprocate with SAAC NW at Portland Intl. Raceway

Audi Club Northwest
Porsche Club
Alfa Romeo Club
Rose City Corvette Club

These clubs have invited our membership to their club track days. And we invite their membership to our track days.


Click here for important information on why we need good helmets.

Track Steward:  Doug Buchner